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lifetime competitive branding

breathtaking local logo maker, logo design, from professional graphic design experts that create long term results for your customers first impression.

Graphics - Video - Web - Marketing - Ai Integrations

A Glimpse of Our Portfolio

Not only a branding company we offer a new service a membership DJM network, with private access events and new features for our community to collaborate. We expand far deeper into graphic design, video production, ai marketing, and website design in order to stay relevant in 2023 and beyond. We follow trends using Google Ads with a marketing mix tailored for you, we explore data and we pursue marketable, internet design stories that will stick for decades.


why work with DJM?

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FAST Design changes

Size formats with unlimited client adjustments. This means logos can be used and printed in online forms.

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Fast delivery

3-day delivery on concepts. Deadlines and a scheduled date compromise is never an option for us. We stand behind asap delivery without compromising on true quality design.

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lifetime design backup

Your design will be archived and scaleable so that billboards, posters, and any format would look superb!

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24/7 Fractional CMO support

Elevate your business with our tailored approach to outshine competitors. From impactful logo and web design to compelling print media and social media campaigns, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet all your marketing needs under one roof.

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Elite designers

Disciplined, dedicated designers who understand digital marketing inside and out. Building brand identity and story brands that last is what we do best!

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80/20 Human & Ai

We offer market-relevant work with 80% human touch and 20% Ai improvement to stay ahead of the curve.

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Real people, with real results 

Don't take our word for it, take theirs! We pride ourselves in every detail that aligns with who you are and what you stand for. "Design Together Tomorrow"


[ Daniel James van den Berg - Strategic Founder ]

DJM Design Daniël-James van den Berg Web Design Success Story Larimer SBDC and Small Busin


1# World Class Excellence - Driven by Discipline, Honesty, Working Smart, Integrity, Accountability, Brutal facts, Quality of work, Turnaround time, Excellence, Morals, and Values.

2# Simplicity Keep it Simple Stupid KISS. Taking complex solutions and simplifying them to the easiest path. Using Tech and Ai accelerators with a human touch for balanced growth.

3# Compassion for Community/People Thriving with a Elite Co-Working Force and a Elite DJM network of client memberships - Ubuntu Collaboration, Teamwork, Tribe, Accountability, Support, Multi-culture, I am what I am because of who we all are, Humanity to others. Fun, Enjoyment, Experience, Passion and Care.


Our mission at DJM is to design, tomorrow, together to elevate your company and client base by 30%. Ultimately aiming for 1% improvements daily and serving 1000+ companies within the DJM network. We plugin to your company operations as fractional CMOs. We attend your meetings run training and keep a pulse on the sales.

DJM was established in 2017.

We foster relationships with industrial manufacturing, agricultural, car dealerships, home-related service professionals, construction companies, and property management companies. Creating or supporting multimedia web design, marketing, and branding by enhancing the psychological user experience.

Having a South African Founder allows for multicultural Ubuntu to embrace the ethos of "I am because we are" in our team hubs/tribes. The coworking mindset and army of freelancers allow us to excel in serving industry niches to dominate their market. 


Lastly, we donate 11% of our net profits, support traumatically abused single-mother families, and partner with organizations like the Women's Fund of Weld County, Colorado Rebalance program, Homes of Hope Fiji, The Clothing Bank South Africa, Genesis Project, and The Dream Center. 


These causes align with our core values of Excellence, Simplicity, and Compassion for Community (Ubuntu).


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