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Elevating Million Dollar Brands with Innovative Designs and Proven Results at DJM

This blog article was assisted by humans and Openai, Dall-e, and Canva to organize data structure and formatting. Client results aren't guaranteed however we will die trying to get you there no joke!

I get this a lot. You probably do too when engaging in sales and content... You feel like the guy on the NYC street with a long coat and a collection of watches for sale?

My wife calls it the Jelly of the Month Club, yet how come on the flip side this is what's called keeping up with the trends so your clients don't have to in another breath?


Shining Light on What Makes a Great Strategy! It's a Game of Inches and Customer Feedback...

Someone just the other day told me that DJM needs to post some client results more often and showcase the quality work we produce, stand by, and allow our clients to deep dive and scale.

Actual Client Results Image 1: MILLION DOLL HAIR MARKETING

Also, a side note is brand pairings. Alex Hermozi did such a great job explaining this in his latest $100 million branding video that changed my mindset!

There are two common trains of thought here: 1. Post as much as you can so that your people will see your brand. 2. Post quality basic posts that associate with your brand. Why not both? You can do the same, and so do we.

Actual Client Results Image 2: WEBSITE DESIGN

Usually, I am so pumped up with what we are doing and how amazing it is to watch clients' eyes light up that I so often just jump into the MoneyBru content strategy of teaching business owners through other owners so we can grow this phenomenal network of clients tied into at our live events and via the backend compassion for the community, or as we call it in South Africa, UBUNTU.

Actual Client Results Image 3: RANKING ON GOOGLE

Talk is cheap, so let's pull back and showcase designs, data, and the latest fun projects we've been blessed to amplify and execute! These are just what I could include from leads into sales to landing pages that convert, to an SEO cleanup for a law firm, and loading speed like no other, to remodeling a website's design, to finally a new division of DJM, the Car Dealer marketing side, Drive Ignite.

At DJM.Design, we're the digital alchemists turning leaden loading times into golden opportunities, transforming the sluggish into the swift. We don't just test; we fine-tune your online presence to its pinnacle performance, ensuring your site doesn't just survive the stress test—it thrives.

Actual Client Results Image 4: WEBSITE DESIGN

Stress Testing Your Website: Steps 1 - 3

This is only the beginning of your journey to the summit of digital excellence. And remember, in the cyberpunk saga of web optimization, only the strongest sites survive. Will yours be one of them? Let's find out together.

Here’s a quick self-checklist to start:

  1. 🚀 Test your loading speed with Google: Google PageSpeed

  2. 🔗 Assess backlinks and domain authority on Ahrefs: Ahrefs Authority Checker

  3. 📊 Get a comprehensive health report from HubSpot: HubSpot Website Grader

Actual Client Results Image 5: LOADING SPEED AND SEO

Attached is the scores for DJM.Design and we remind clients that we guinea pig and experiment with it on our own brand and content to make sure it works. Other agencies simply can't stand behind this promise usually stating they are too busy fixing clients' sites rather than their own. I find this lazy and outdated with all the tools and resources we have today.

Our Domain Stress Test - Proof is in The Pudding Yall

Did you know? Even giants like Amazon lose thousands per minute with slow websites. 🛒⏱️ A snappy site isn't just convenient; it's crucial.

Want to see real change? Book a 15-min strategy session with us at DJM Book, and let's plant the seeds for long-term growth and robust SEO foundations—beyond the fleeting fruit of paid marketing. 🌳🔝



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Concluding Thoughts:

Appreciate you, stay strong, and always look at intentions and how people treat or grow their own brand. Do they revise their website, do they run new features, are they adding reviews, are they engaging, or beating everyone else down? Morals go hand in hand with a great timeless brand. The shoemaker needs to wear his own shoes; if he is proud, he will.

Actual Client Results Images: MULTI WEB GROWTH POINTS


Take time to share this with a Car Dealer owner or friend in the space the new division of DJM, the Car Dealer marketing side, Drive Ignite.

Results-based marketing only pay for deals you close the rest is refunded! Email us at If you have questions or would like to see more.




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Elevating Million Dollar Brands with Innovative Designs and Proven Results at DJM

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