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Quit your Job and get Fired the Great Resignation Demystified

What's going on with the great resignation, let's talk about that today, like, you're fired, you can’t fire me I quit! This has always been the case. People would much rather quit than be fired but whoever pulls the trigger first wins…

A game of Russian Resignation Roulette and the game has just begun. It is way too engaging and we’re talking about people's lives their careers families and future.

Something you can’t ignore because it's affecting everything. So here’s an article that will bring some light as well as resources to know about.

Let's go...

Hey, yo. Welcome to the Money Brew Show from Daniel James Media. I am ginger from South Africa, and I immigrated about seven years ago. I am living in the states, Colorado, like beautiful Colorado as you guys know it. Well, I do have a soul Because ginger kids have no souls.

May not feel like my brain is right there right now, because what's going on with the great resignation? Let's talk about that today. Like how insane are all the news articles that are coming out and everything that's just been following me and I'm like, I have to talk about this? I have to share this with you guys. Share some love. Get some growth out of it. So let's jump into what I've been seeing, like opening up Morning Brew, which is like news, right? And I'm just reading through and reading through and then all of a sudden, boom.

Keep your people happy, right? I think a month ago I saw this and I was like, going to whatever. But it's become a real big thing, like if you look at the search for a hiring job and quit. Look at this. Like in the last few days, this thing has spiked, like skyrocketed. And there's a lot of funny things that are happening there.

You're fired. You can't fire me. I quit. You can't quit. I quit. You can't quit your frog. You can't frog me. You're my wife. I'm not your wife. You're my wife. Hi, honey, how was work? Pretty good. But I quit my job. You can't quit your job. You're fired.

What is the great resignation why is it happening then mention Reddit and the funny memes add them in the article

There's a lot of funny things that are happening in there that I want to talk about, I also want to talk about solutions and things that you can think about during this season. If you're a boss, if you're an employee, if you're a marketing manager or a hiring person, like, there are some things that you're going to have to think about, blow your mind, and have to make sense. Otherwise, it's going to just be like firing people, quitting, and all this stuff like, what are we looking at? Like, What is this?

So I'm going to bring what I've seen to the table. But look at this like quitting my job last night. Nice to be home and make kids with the breakfast that I'd ask, you know, go off the hunt for a new opportunity. Wish me luck, boss. Good evening. You know, notice that you were sitting on a stool for the majority of your shift. This is completely unacceptable. And like, you know, people just taking hilarious screenshots of like them saying stuff like so just like people feeling abused, right? So like, what is the culmination of all this? How did this all happen? And there's a lot of funny ones, too.

I'm trying to keep this PG, but you know, the reason a lot of this happened, and if you look at more of the trends and like why people are freaking out right is because like companies, in all honesty, it was a build-up of things, right? Coronavirus stimulus, you know, supply chain issues, causing a lot of pressure on different industries. It's pretty insane. I mean, look at this from Netflix. People are just walking out over Dave Chappelle's special, right? Or they're like walking out and it's like protesting it like crazy. You don't want to be the poster child of this movement. So like, once again, yes, everyone.

Listen closely to what I have to say and actually one of my favorite people as an example on how not to fire someone is Michael Scott. So take a listen to this.

So earlier today, Stan Lee sacked me and Toby gave me some suggestions on how to discipline him. They did not work, obviously, because they were stupid. So I am now going to fake fire him. What does that mean? It's like a mock execution.

QUESTION: Name an animal with three letters in its name.

ANS: Alligator Brow,

Michael Scott (from the Office) is the worst example of firing and things like that. There's also this thing called the general strike looming, right? Like news articles. They're talking about it. And I say this stuff because I'm not news-related, but I am strategy focus. Like, How can you strategize? Use this information to leverage your brand or, you know, leverage your website and help people get a good job. If you're a small business, now is like the perfect time, like it's the ultimate time to hire and grow.

So let's look at it from the employee’s perspective, right? Like what is the great resignation? And what I've been seeing is, you know, the whole thing that I told you about. And right now, Microsoft did a survey and 40 percent of the global workforce are considering leaving their jobs this year. Like there's a Trevor Noah special on it to South African.

In terms of global news, it's kind of happening everywhere. Now, don't get this confused for the Great Recession. Obviously, like all of us know this, but in 2008 there was a housing recession. That's different, right?

People could be in the most serious recession in decades, and that means life. As most Americans know, it is about to change, in some cases dramatically.

Traders say this Is the craziest day they have ever seen in this market is as volatile as you'll

Ever see. They just couldn't afford their homes and they were going into foreclosure and they didn't have enough income. Right now, people have options, they have choices. And I think this was supposed to happen one time or another because a lot of people's incomes don't meet their expenses and it's just kind of out of whack. The whole thing is out of whack right now. We have inflation like that's also added on top of that.

So how do we dissect that? What's also different about this situation is it's kind of needed in some ways where, you know, like, there's this great imbalance. People have always needed a boost like this, but you can also not be terrible, right? So like some of these Business Insider texts to their bosses have been pretty intense.

They're not bartenders all over this place. Now, I think I'll just go work one of the dozens of places hitting, hitting around, hiring around here. I'm fed up with you. Give me a call. Don't make such an impulsive decision. This guy's OK, so I'm not going to read all of them because it's just pretty bad. This one's pretty funny. We don't need to rush your leave. Let's talk in the morning we can. No thanks. Have a good life. It's pretty intense. But my mind has shifted. I mean, this is not about me. It's more about you.

I became a citizen a few weeks ago. And what's really crazy to me is knowing the opportunity that lies here and how hard you have to work to fight for that and know your worth, right? So as an employee, you know your worth, and I find that place that's going to embrace you ultimately.

Let's move on to some other stuff. Yes, like where I'm from, it's a very interesting dynamic. I don't see it happening as much here. Yes, I live in Greeley. If you ever watch that South Park episode, they say it's the exact opposite of Hawaii. We have JBS, a big food plant, lots of hardworking people who work in agriculture, industrial industries. And so I haven't seen the mass effect of the great resignation rate for twenty twenty-two and twenty twenty-one or whenever the year is.

I feel like there's enough opportunity in different towns and places where it makes sense. Ok, so I'm sticking to my promise. Yes, that 50 buck giveaway dollars, whatever you want to call it if you want to spin it. Come on, let's go. I got all the names. So this is a channel. This was the video. Thanks again for all the comments. You guys are so frickin cool and generous, Peter, like everyone, is in there. I put you guys in a name generator, so let's go spin this thing. Who is the winner?

Oh yes, I used to be a dancer. Much love to you guys. Pretty cheesy. Yeah. Dimitri in Chicago. I know his channel. Super frickin cool channel. He has a lot of cool things going. You guys should check him out.

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That fifty dollars is coming your way. Feed the family. Do what you got to do. Buy some Amazon stuff. I mean, look at this channel is pretty dope. Like it does commercials. If you need commercials done. He is the man for you in Chicago if you need that. What I've been noticing so some tips with hiring. Are we have quite a diverse team that's multicultural that is like kind of from everywhere. It's just expanded on itself in that sense that what I've learned about contractual hiring, it's more flexible for people anyway.

So it works out really well as a small business to do that or as a company, we obviously use multiple places to hire people. Yes, it's must feel great to just quit your job right out of the blue. But then yes. Is the hiring person being terrible and are you being terrible?

So, you know, don't just get up and like, quit like first find out what's important to you as you move through your process. This has become huge on Reddit, and like, I found this article funny How to quit Reddit So, you know, maybe you need to quit Reddit. Maybe you need to quit reading all the stuff on social media and another thing you could do to diversify as you could just invest in cryptocurrency.

While all this craziness is going on because it is booming right now, what does that tell me? It tells me that people are at home or bored and there's like an expiration period to this, but there's going to be people hiring, for example, and the hiring positions are going to pick their best lot.

What are the solutions for Employees and Employers?

And they're lucky because the best lot is going to shift around and come back in. I know that a lot of service-based industries are suffering right with this kind of stuff, and I find it funny that Uncle Elon is always on the bitcoin memes. He's African, but as I say, it doesn't really sound like you can't even hear it in his voice.

He's pretty much fully American. Just interesting. Wrapping up the end of this video and before I get into the solution, there are a few things I want to mention too. Like I ran an experiment with hiring for three different positions within my company. More part-time and I learned a lot.

I think there's a lot of things to be said about getting on multiple platforms, which is obvious for both the employee and the employer. Secondly, also have different variations of your job to see how people interact in each variation and think outside the box like you may have hybrid people that are going to grow into one space and then move into another space.

That's happened with me so many times where, like on any given month, I'm working with 13 different contractors, right? Or employee time type people. And it's shifting all the time ones doing something specific. And then another month, they want to do something more and grow and explore.

I think companies miss that like your employees want to explore and grow. I'm going to mention some other great solutions, but before I do, this is a self-promotion shameless plug. But we have a cool promotion running from Knoxville in October, and pretty much it is a super cool spin and wins that is five hundred credits to your next big business or design idea or marketing idea. It is totally free. Just submit your email and you're set. I also give some value to this video. Like I mention a bunch of like business tactics, as you can see the 11 years of multimedia secrets. Now the final and most important tip here that I'm going to have for you guys and we can close it off.

This book changed the game for me when it came to understanding employees and hiring. It is called profit first. There's my giving assistant popping up. I'll drop the link in the description if you have a profit-first model. What that means is your company is going to profit no matter what

You've set up your business that way and you prioritize profit like we're lucky enough that we have a debt-free business, you know, like you're still going to have debts in your life depending on what you do in leverage and how you play the game. But my business has been debt-free, and I think a lot of companies during COVID used capital to either get free, get that free or, you know like hire more employees to meet the thresholds.

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Big bad employees of the world quit in droves for the Great Resignation!

But if you look at this model, it allows you, employees, to be bought in. It's very rare that an employee would drop out if they have skin in the game. I think that's what a lot of companies are missing is skin in the game. Same for the companies. You guys need to add skin in the game. You need to make it worth it.

The effort should not be so far outweighed. And I think these are the companies that are going to succeed is the ones who understand the value, even in the minor roles. Secondly, another book you can read is Get Different, which just came out. Super interesting book. Just tap to listen on Audible. Well, you guys have it. That is the episode. Thank you so much for watching this. I just appreciate you guys wherever you're a global citizen's world people for this delicious content like I get to bring it to you, and I think it's so great to be alive with that in mind.

Like if I can make this really engaging, really good for you, then you can come back and enjoy it. And that way, I don't have to just OK. I quit. Great, really? Mentioned to me. I feel like I have to overexplain it, and it's just like, done cheers. Yes. You guys. By. So I told you you used to be a dancer.

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