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How to Maximize Your Website For Sales & Ranking 1st on Google

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Sit back and feast your eyes on what's new from scammers, projects, awards, and why we won't raise our prices in 2023. Thank the Lord.

Okay, so lets break the rules with this blog post. The truth is you should only have 1 call to action with blog posts and emails so that your audience can stay focused in the midst of the bombardment of life!

Here is the only call to action the rest is content to inspire you and your ventures:


Click to claim and lock in a design/marketing credit. Take advantage of this promotion today or share this with someone in need of work.

*Beat Inflation By Locking in $500 To Your Next Big Project.

For existing clients who've used this promo your other option is to utilize our deals section. Save on buying months upfront of work now (average of 20% cheaper) while deducting expenses for taxes in 2022. -----

Moving on...

> AWARDS - DJM got an Expertise award for being one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Greeley our HQ. We also got featured in Design Rush for something similar.

Quick tip, not that you need it ;)

Small 5% goal achieving victories compounded every day add up to exponential growth.

Humans accomplish their 5-year goals more often than the 1 year new years resolution goals. Think long-term and compound.

October's Hot Project Picks Before The Winter Chills!

In no particular order:

- A powerful website design backstory and an inspiring concept from a food truck to an Evans Colorado restaurant opening soon.

They have a following so expect a line!

- Chef Z Kent brought me onto this Cheyenne Wyoming, French American Food Fusion website project.

We emphasized black and white marble with gold elements.

- Woman lead company by Michele Rutt in a male-driven industry she truly breaks the mold and has broken into so many markets with her website.

We've refined this website to have fast loading speeds, city pages, and a call to action form with buttons to drive conversions and sales.

- Budding serial entrepreneur Matt Shoup brought us into an almost impossible 4-hour video editing project of his Ultimate Immersion Experience of Spain.

He brings business leaders with him to take part in activities like amazing races and getting out of your comfort zone to reach new heights personally and professionally.

Soon to come highlight clips interviews and a short promo.

Its worth looking at traveling to Spain with him in 2023.

I've seen the footage, the food, the people and its uncanny!

- Scott and his team went from a site built in the 2000s to a whole new and improved animation-style website. We incorporated the iconic crane with an advanced motion effect. Lastly, we have powered up the site with city pages and a refresh to their SEO.


Highline Motors Loveland, Local Used Cars

Winter Ready Inspected, Repaired Trucks, SUVs, Finest Hand Picked Vehicles.

Small but mighty this dealer has been around for a long time and the staff are down to earth not aggressive and looking to ensure your safety when buying.


Territorial Type SEO and Google Marketing Small But Mighty!

We are fighting the giant marketers and advocating Highline Motors by running inventory-specific Google Ads to match those with ready buyers. Psychology is the key. Each company and each audience wants to be served in its own unique method. Gmail, YouTube, Search, and Discovery which is other websites. Followed by a very narrow targeting radius attracting the right buyers to show up or call. Our rule of thumb is to focus on only 1 dealership type per city so that we can amplify and stay loyal to each industry subset for advertising. 20+ Leads for the first 2 weeks. Now as we hit Halloween we are finding we need to pivot our strategy based on the traffic. Finally, this wouldn't be possible without our team and marketing partners like ZOVA Marketing.


What's up with Scammers and Google My Business

Will keep this short but it has to be mentioned. Scammers are attacking and trying to claim your Google My Business (Maps Page) isn't verified or needs to be activated.

They will call, email, text and do anything to try gain access then sell the account back to you claiming to be ST data or Google.

Only you should be the owner of your GMB account and agencies or assistants should manage your reviews, posts, and photos. Management access or less via email.

Also beware of SEO or marketing peddling type companies claiming your ranking sucks or some rubbish like that. We get this so often.


If The Price Is Right? Why We Won't Increase Prices in 2023

We went back and forth on this decision and every year since COVID-19 we had to raise prices to keep up as well as offer grandfather promotions that carry over old pricing for clients.

Instead, we are limiting and reducing features to mitigate price increases. Seeing inflation eat away at people's money means we all have to get creative once our hand is forced.


Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this style of the newsletter email me back with a Yes so we can do more of these in the future,

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Daniël-James van den Berg




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DJM partners with Crazy Awesome companies whose products and services we trust to add value to you as viewers' goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! Read our disclosure for more info.


Sincerely, cheers! Catch you next time, Daniel James vdB Multimedia Strategist

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