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8 Secrets to Getting Deals and Discounts Year-Round

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The strategies given in this article are useable at your own risk and we don't take liability for any financial decisions you make or transactions you perform.

It is that time of year where we're spending hundreds of dollars buying gifts for the people we love. But what if there was a way to turn those hundreds leaving your bank account into ones?

We're going to talk about 8 SECRETS TO GETTING DEALS AND DISCOUNTS YEAR-ROUND! With these tips, you'll be able to buy all of your favorite products for super cheap.

And I'm not just talking about Black Friday deals or Christmas deals here: These hacks will help you get the best deals throughout the entire year.

Before we begin, I encourage you to use these strategies to SHOP LOCAL. With the pandemic, it is especially important to support local business.


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Now, here are the tips for getting a great deal:

1. Use Cashback Websites and Extensions

There are so many tools out there that basically pay you to shop.

One of the major tools is called Honey. You can get the Google Chrome extension for Honey and it will automatically bring up coupons and deals on your favorite online stores. It also gives you points that can turn into gift cards.

"Honey will give you coupons or the option of points which can be converted into gift cards."

There is another tool called Top Cashback, where you can type in the online store you're looking for, and it will tell you how much cashback you can get. For instance, if you're doing some Amazon shopping online, you can get 8% cashback, which you can then stack with your Honey discount.

There is also Giving Assistant and Cashback Monitor which are very similar. With Cashback Monitor, you can compare prices and deals. So if you're trying to buy a toolbox for your dad, you can see who is selling it the cheapest.


2. Get Credit Cards to Amplify the Discount

There are so many credit cards out there that offer bonuses and cashback when you use them, even at local stores.

There is the super powerful Amazon Card that gives you 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases. You don't have to wait for Amazon Prime Day to save some money. All of your Amazon shopping online can earn you cash.

"If you're not leveraging your rewards, then you're missing out."

There are also Walmart and eBay cards that throw in bonuses. The Chase Freedom Unlimited card gives you rewards for buying groceries and supporting your local restaurants. These credit card hacks can be stacked on top of your Honey discounts to create a major shopping deal!


3. Use Devalued Gift Cards to Add Fuel to the Flame

This tip is a hack to get you gift card discounts.

Once you've stacked your Honey deal with a cashback credit card, you can start to look for gift cards that offer an even higher cashback.

Groupon is a really good place to find offers on gift cards. Etsy is another one, and you get to support small artisans and their craft. You also have EJ Gift Cards. You can find gift cards on all of these platforms.

You should also claim the features that pop up when you enter these sites. They usually offer extra coupons.

Personally, I'm a coupon hunter because I'm cheap. My wife isn't though, so it really balances out the family.


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4. Negotiate with Local Companies

Here we have a genuine way to support local businesses. Go out to your local shops to see what they have to offer. There will definitely be deals on Black Friday, Christmas deals, and summer sales, but you don't always have to wait for these discounts to appear.

While you can't always negotiate with a big box company, local stores are much more willing to talk with you because they need your business. They accommodate the customer more often.

"You can support your local stores and still get a great deal."


5. Sign Up for Email Newsletters from Employee-Owned Companies

Employee-owned companies send out some of the best deals out there through their email mailing lists. Because these businesses are run by the employees, the people who work there benefit when the company benefits. So they want to increase sales by sending out discounts and coupons.

There is a local Northern Colorado business called Scheel's that is completely employee-owned. They have a Ferris Wheel in the center of their store, as well as an aquarium, which will make the kids go nuts. It'll make you go nuts too.

They are always emailing out great deals, like 50% off on Black Friday. And there are stores exactly like Scheel's in every state.


6. Find Stores That are Closing

With a quick Google search, you can find stores near you that are closing down. Companies that are going out of business often have store-wide clearance sales to try and clear out their remaining inventory. This is where you can find some of the best deals out there for frugal living.

"You can help companies that are closing down by clearing out their inventory, and you can get a great deal while you're at it."

I was able to buy a mannequin, whose name is Manny and is featured in our BIWEEKLY PODCAST, for just $25.

Usually, a mannequin can cost upwards of $200. But I got an incredible discount because the store was closing down.


7. Understand the Hidden Clearance Items

Oftentimes, there is a hidden clearance section in stores that you don't always spot as you're coming in. If you just ask about the clearance section, even in places that most people might not expect to have clearance, then you get to take advantage of great discounts.

Like I said, I'm cheap, so I try to bargain hunt where I can. Of course, there are times when you should be spending more money, like on nice gifts for your family, but you can still be smart about spending and get them really cool things using these tips.


8. The Holy Grail of Deals and Discounts: BITCOIN

If you've made it this far, I think you're ready to hear about this crazy strategy for saving money. Don't run out the door when you read this but the key to getting the most for your money is BITCOIN.

With bitcoin, you're buying product and instantly transferring money directly to the seller. It's decentralized, deregulated, person-to-person shopping.

"Bitcoin is more powerful than any card, coupon, or sales."

Now, this may seem impractical to some, but there are a lot of stores nowadays where you can buy with bitcoin. Shopping has evolved and it's worth trying something new to save.

The three platforms that are best for getting bitcoin are Coinbase, Blockchain and


Coinbase is my favorite because it has a trading platform connected to it:, which is essential for this strategy. First, you deposit money into Coinbase, and then you move the bitcoin, or BTC, into the free CoinbasePro. From there, you can move your bitcoin to another platform or use it for a gift card purchase to get those sweet discounts!

Another hack you can use with Coinbase is to link Paypal to your account, allowing you to withdraw U.S. dollars within seconds. For just a 1% fee, you can move that money directly into your bank account. (This hack is only for investing, withdrawing, and moving money back into your bank account fast, not for Bitcoin purchases. Please seek financial advice before investing in cryptocurrencies).


*Please note Coinbase has a long verification process so you could have to wait a week or more on a new account to be able to transfer BTC to another platform. (You will still have access within the platform to buy and sell).

Privacy Coinbase has a tendency to block suspicious accounts, so just be careful of the platforms you are buying from.


You can control your fees and create multiple wallets.

Blockchain is more private and secure than Coinbase, in my opinion. It is also an amazing platform to invest in bitcoin.


There are very few options when you want to change your Bitcoin back to dollars.

Pros is a London-based platform that has very short holding periods and is the fastest on this list with an exchange built-in. It is potentially the fastest platform in terms of getting your account verified and buying bitcoin.


It has the highest fees on both deposits and withdrawals. You have to make sure your debit and credit cards do not have foreign transaction or cash advance fees prior to your purchase because this will trigger's fees.


Bitcoin Method 1 - Highest Savings

With this technique, we can really stack all of these strategies to get major discounts. Here's how it happens in 3 steps:

  1. You buy bitcoin with a credit card and get 2% back

  2. You use that bitcoin to buy discounted gift cards with 5-10% cashback

  3. You take those gift cards and with Honey, TopCashback or Giving Assistant activated, shop at your favorite online stores

Bitcoin Method 2 - Amazon Savings Timely

  1. You buy bitcoin with a credit card and get 2% back

  2. You use that bitcoin to purchase off a site called

  3. Find products sold on Amazon (make sure it is a Prime product for faster shipping)

  4. Select a discount rate from 5% to 30% (I always recommend a sweet spot of 15% or lower for faster shipping)

"Purse is a platform where you can help people buy Amazon products with cash in return bitcoin."

What you've done is you've just stacked from Strategy 8, all the way back to Strategy 1. And what you've walked away with is a 30% discount that you can apply year-round, not just on Black Friday.

So don't let anyone tell you there are no deals to be found. These 8 tips will help you get the best deals all year!


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If you have any questions or want to add to this article feel free to do so below in the comments.

We reply to all comments added thanks and have fun shopping!




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