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Cheap Traveling For The Win

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Like a coin, most things have two sides and the same goes for traveling. You can travel with tons of money, then again you can also travel on a budget. Travelling does not always have to be expensive. Instead, researching and planning ahead is the key to successful travel on a budget.


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This way, you can control your expenses, have a smooth trip and help you to be prepared. Here are some tips and tricks to travel on a dime. Research more about your destination with this website

Affordable destination :

If you are just starting to travel on a budget, it is suggested to visit affordable places for the experience. Here are 11 breathtaking countries to visit for a cheap vacation. So, without any further ado let’s delve deeper into the list.

1. Capetown, South Africa

Cape Town is known to be the second-largest city in South Africa, yet surprisingly it happens to be one of the most affordable destinations for tourists. This city is rich in culture and natural beauty. It is situated between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean divide during certain seasons and times of day you can see the split in the warmth of the two oceans. Okay, we have to also mention Table Mountain, the world's Seventh Wonder declared God's Wonder as it has 12 disciple mountain heads resembling the Bible's characters. South Africa's Currency is Rand.


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2. Mauritius Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation that is famous for its beaches, lagoons, reefs, and breathtaking natural scenery with multiculturalism. It is rich in rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and wildlife. Mauritius’ currency is the Mauritian rupee.

One of the major tools is called Honey. You can get the Google Chrome extension for Honey and it will automatically bring up coupons and deals on your favorite online stores. It also gives you points that can turn into gift cards.


3. Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is a country full of dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife within parks, reserves, and safari areas. Zimbabwe's currency in ZWD.


4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a pear-shaped island in South Asia. It is famous for its rich biodiversity, large cinnamon, and tea exportation, and stunning natural wonders. It is also rich in diverse culture and religious elements. Sri Lanka currency is the Sri Lankan rupee.


5. Thailand

Thailand is a southeast Asian country. It is well known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples of Budda. Thailand's currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht.


6. Cambodia Like Thailand, Cambodia is also a Southeast Asian country. It is prominent in breathtaking landscapes, art deco central markets, glittering royal palaces, and the national museum’s historical and archaeological exhibits. The Cambodian currency is the Cambodian riel.


7. Philippines The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It has more than 7,680 islands and is categorized under three main geographical divisions from north or south. The Philippines currency is the Philippine peso.


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8. Budapest

Budapest is Hungary’s capital and is bisected by the river Danube. Budapest has historical treasures that attract millions of tourists every year. The Budapest currency is Hungarian Forints.


9. Ecuador Ecuador is a South American west coastal country with a diverse landscape that encompasses the Amazon jungle, Andean foothills, 16th-17th century palaces, and religious sites. Ecuador’s currency is ECS.


10. Greece Greece is a Southeastern European country with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. This country and the islands are full of ancient architectural remarks and natural beauty. The Greek currency is Euro.


11. Reunion Island

Reunion Island is a French department in the Indian ocean. It is known for its volcanic rainforest interior, coral reefs, and beaches. The Reunion Island currency is Euro.

Now that we know some of the affordable places to visit, let’s dive into the traveling tips and tricks. Always remember that traveling cheap comes in a package, you will have to reduce expenses in every way possible. We will cover everything you need to know about traveling cheap or on a budget.


Pool with friends or family:

Pooling funds with friends or family is always a good idea. Many families already use this hack for annual trips. You can pool together and form a business or a trust, put money together, and divide it up for an annual trip every year.

This group travel allows for “fancier” lodging accommodations than would be possible for the solo traveler. As you are pooling resources, the money will not be a burden on any specific person and everyone gets to enjoy it together.


Backpacking :

The lighter you pack your luggage, the more money you will save. Heavier luggage makes you take costly private transportation. Without heavy luggage, you can use any public transit or walk. One way to travel light is to utilize a backpack instead of traditional wheeled suitcases. We recommend packing one of each item, rather than extras, so all your belongings fit in the backpack. Each person will carry their own backpack and no one will be burdened by wheeling unnecessary baggage. Check the weather of your destination, pack the appropriate causal clothing, and plan to carry essentials like a first aid kit, battery, and a kit for self-defense. You don’t want to look rich or like a tourist in the places, you will visit as that can attract unwanted attention that could lead to mugging and other problems. troubles.

If you look like the locals or someone who might not have much money on them, it can spare you in a lot of places. So, always dress casually and try to blend in with the locals.


To get cheaper flight deals, try to travel during the off-season. Check the prices for one-way flights versus roundtrip. One-way flights are often cheaper and may allow you more flexibility in your departure date.

You can book a one-way ticket to your destination and another one-way ticket to home from your destination. Sometimes airlines ask for people to wait another day when a flight is full. Taking advantage of these offers can be financially beneficial, and give you an extra day in the area. In these situations, the airline often pays for your hotel for the day and sometimes gives you credits or extras on your next flight. So isn’t it better to wait a day to get business class with economy class’s fare?

Money :

The best and safest way to carry money is a credit card. Some credit cards, like American Express, allow access to their premier lounges, where they sometimes offer free food. One less meal to cut into your travel budget!.

Never travel on your debit card. You can reject any miscellaneous or malicious activity while using a credit card but it is not the same with debit cards. If you prefer not to use cards, then go for the cash system.

If you plan your cash spending and put it in different envelopes for different days, it can prevent you from overspending or even losing money. In many countries, you might have to tip or save yourself from a situation where a card cannot be used. Plan to exchange your currency before your trip. Even if you use credit cards it is essential to carry cash for emergencies. Currency exchange rates often change daily. While you are still in your city, keep a close eye on the currency market, and on a higher value day, exchange the currency. This way you will get more money to travel.

Traveling by car:

If you are traveling by car, always fill the fuel tank at the cheapest gas/petrol station possible. Another trick is to buy a car that is cheap in your state or country but has high demand in the state or country to which you will be traveling. You can sell the car at a higher price and use the extra money for traveling. Most areas have car rental available if you prefer to not purchase a car. A website to help you find inexpensive gas stations is,-

More Tips

Alternative Ground TransportationCar Rental:

While car rental is discussed above, if you are visiting a busy city, keep in mind parking fees and locations. Sometimes this can become burdensome.

Instead, look into buses, rentable cycles, Uber, Lyft, or other similar companies. If it is a busy city then renting a bike can allow nimble, quick travel.

Bus and bicycles to save the day! Or checkout this website to get lifts easily.

Hotel/Resorts :

Budget lodging is essential for the frugal traveler. If you are flying to your destination, fly at a random time and check in to your hotel/resort at a random time. Sometimes you can get a room prior to your checking. If available, they offer an accessibility room, luxury suite with bars and pools.

If there is no room available then you can just use their washroom and after freshening up you can go sightseeing, leaving your backpacks at the restroom. This will ensure your neck's rest and bag's security while costing you nothing. Lastly, to save up money on your stayings, you can use the deals on google or through a third party as long as you can confirm that those hotels accept these bookings. Try booking through your credit card and you might get redeem points or an adequate discount.

Couchsurfing :

Fortunately, in every location, some locals welcome tourists who are looking for cheaper places to stay. They take you and your family or friends to their house as their guests. They can help you with underrated breathtaking places or share tips to survive in the city at a cheaper rate. They will suggest the best time to travel and the best place to eat. They give you access to a coffer of knowledge you would not get at a hotel. A website to help you find CouchSurfing

Spending on Food :

Fancy foods are supposed to be eaten while relaxing unless it's a total waste of money. There are a few ways to save up money on food while traveling. On your travel day or the day, you will be traveling a lot, choose snacks or food that does not cost a fortune.

Do not spend much on food on the day you are traveling because you will not have enough time to enjoy it. You can cut down your meals to two meals a day. You can choose either brunch and dinner or breakfast and early dinner. When you choose two meals a day you can spend a bit more on your food as you are saving up from another meal.

This way you can get to eat fancy on a budget!

Earn while traveling :

Some people make money as a family while traveling. If you retire from your work for two months, learn things like scuba diving, and get certified, you can teach that during your travels and earn. By this means, you can also stay at places you want to stay longer, relax and work at the same time. You can also work in pairs or in groups. You can take care of local’s kids, pets, or even houses. You can do the cleaning in places like Airbnb, verbose and you might get free stays. Some locals might even offer to stay with them if you help with their work. This way, you can learn their language, culture and increase your horizon.

Travel Influencer :

Travel Influencing may open up a series of discount trips before you. You do not have to have crazy followers to get these advantages. You spend some of your time making videos for your page.

You take some footage from your video of your traveling to a hotel and show them the footage to get discounts. Same hack for the restaurant or any other thing. Always make connections on your travels.

For more options, check out these websites and find cheap deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals:

Expedia :

Google deals :



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